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The BioMatra platform powers Amplified Sciences’ portfolio of assays. This novel system integrates spectroscopy hardware, chemometric tools, chemistry reagents and machine learning algorithm tools. A suite of proprietary high sensitivity ultrasensitive dyes for biomolecule reporting powers BioMatra and its suite of assays. BioMatra enables a whole new class of clinical diagnostics featuring multi-analyte capabilities processed on one instrument, with one sample, and in one workflow. The chemistry reagent tests enable difficult to measure biomarkers including protease activity and low abundance proteins.


Pancreatic cancer is the third deadliest cancer in the US. Early detection is key to improving survival rate. One window to early diagnosis is pancreatic cystic lesions (PCL), a known precursor lesion for pancreatic cancer. Patients diagnosed with pancreatic cysts are at higher risk of pancreatic cancer, but many of these cystic lesions are benign, so risk stratification tools are critical. To aid clinicians in the risk stratification of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cysts, Amplified Sciences has developed the PanCystPro test which leverages their novel BioMatra platform. This multianalyte lead product utilizes a robust algorithm and features a novel protease activity assay. This highly accurate test allows clinicians to define low risk and/or benign pancreatic cysts, ruling out potential for malignancy thus resulting in significant cost savings and patient peace of mind.



Our company’s mission is providing tools to fuel accurate, earlier detection of challenging diseases. The technology platform is versatile and adaptable to enable innovative assay panels in cancer and other challenging diseases.

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