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Amplified Sciences has a test in development to assist clinicians in the risk stratification of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cystic lesions (PCL). The PanCystPro test uses a proprietary platform that enables ultrasensitive detection of multiple biomarkers in small volumes of pancreatic cyst fluid. This multianalyte assay utilizes a robust algorithm and features a novel protease activity assay enabling better biological insight to inform risk stratification of PCL.

This highly accurate test allows clinicians to define low risk and/or benign pancreatic cysts, ruling out potential for malignancy thus resulting in significant cost savings and patient peace of mind. In testing among several clinical cohorts, the assay provides the advantages of increased accuracy, high negative predictive value, a robust panel of biomarkers including the measurement of important protease activity, and a significantly reduced volume of pancreatic cyst fluid required. This test will address the need of gastroenterologists, pancreatic biliary surgeons, and other clinicians for better diagnostic tests to manage patients diagnosed with pancreatic cysts.