Our Technology

A portfolio of fully-integrated diagnostic assays for early detection of disease

We are different
  • Flexible Chemistry Platform
  • Suite of Composition of Matter Intellectual Property
  • High Optical Sensitivity Dyes for Biomolecule Reporters
  • In situ sensors generated with nanoparticles
  • Capable of high accuracy and precision

Source of image: Bartolowits,M. D., Xin, M., Petrov, D. P., Thomas J. Tague, Jr., T. J.; Davisson, V. J. (2019) “Multimeric Rhodamine Dye-Induced Aggregation of Silver Nanoparticles for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering” ACS Omega4 (1) 140–145 PMID 30729221

Lead assay addressing the need for earlier detection of Pancreatic Cancer
  • Scalable platform with several assay candidates in development
  • Initial focus in Oncology
  • PanCystProTM lead assay
  • Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer = huge unmet medical need
  • Working prototype and proof of concept data using clinical sample
  • Accomplishments
    • Purdue Foundry Black and Gold Awards ($100,000 total)
    • NSF Grant awardee
    • MedCity Invest Chicago – selected diagnostic track presenter 2020
    • bioLogic Innovation Award Finalist 2019
    • Texas Lifescience Forum featured pitch 2019
    • Innovation Showcase featured pitch- Venture Club of Indiana Finalist 2019
    • Inaugural class of the Origins accelerator program sponsored by Elevate Ventures 2019