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Providing innovative diagnostic tests that enable earlier detection, risk stratification and monitoring of challenging diseases.

Our Technology

Amplified Sciences has developed a proprietary ultra-sensitive universal optical reporter platform technology which enables a new class of multi-omics diagnostic tests including a novel protease turnover multianalyte assay.

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PanCystPro™ Test

PanCystPro uses a proprietary platform to detect biomarker levels and activity in minute volumes of pancreatic cyst fluid for patients at higher risk for pancreatic cancer diagnosed with pancreatic cystic lesions.

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Who We Are

Amplified Sciences is a clinical stage diagnostics company committed to providing answers for clinicians diagnosing, treating and monitoring challenging diseases. The company is built on an innovative and proprietary ultra-sensitive optical reporter platform technology. Our team of scientists and commercial experts is focused on providing tools for accurate, earlier detection of debilitating diseases.

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